kop Sonja ter Heijden Painter

The Trinity, painted in 2015

"I paint what I love"

Sonja (1958) started painting in 2005. She educated herself to become a gifted artist of classical realistic paintings with a magic atmosphere in a relatively short time, by daily practising for hours and hours.

As long as she can remember, Sonja was inspired by The Blue Secret, as she calls it. She has always been attracted by Delft Blue pottery. The same applies to her native city of Delft and the Dutch 17th century painting, who have inspired her in terms of composition, color and sense of drama.

She can not imagine her paintings without a Delft Blue element. To her, east and west, the blue of the sky and the worldly clay come together by human craft. Why else has the Delft Blue pottery become so famous?

Sonja hopes you will enjoy visiting her website and in case you might be interested in one of her works, or like to have painted a particular painting by her, please send her an email message.

Further information about Sonja can be found at the Biography page.

You can download Sonja's brochure
brochure a) low resolution (pdf 990 kB)
brochure b) high resolution (pdf 3197 kB)

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