Happiness (2012)
Delft blue plate with Venetian mask
and landscape in the background.
Oil paint on masonite.

Happiness is hard to define and one must have encountered the opposite to experience it. In the grand landscape is a marble commode which are several attributes. The dramatic Venetian mask has a merry tune (fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars).

The little butterfly, that every child likes to capture, enjoys a cherry, the sweet richness of our world. Fortunately, the hourglass is not running and we can enjoy the flora and fauna and perhaps get wiser by reading a book ... The antique baby rattle symbolizes birth and rebirth, which is a great happiness to be subjected to this.

The brilliance as a wink, of the Delft blue plate entirely being in the shadow, let man realize that it is a great thing to see the morning light every day.