I Never Promised You a Rosegarden
I Never Promised You a Rosegarden (2011)
Delft Blue vase on pedestal, grapes basketgeese under marble arch;
oil paint on masonite; 115 x 145 cm.

Pontifical, the Delft blue vase stands on a richly decorated pedestal beneath a marble open arch where the heavenly blue light descends. The static monumental blue Delftware vase is in contrast to the surrounding movement of many animal life, where the ducklings are taught and the elderly fight for the right of the strongest. Symbolic for human life.

Who has finally dropped his mask? The animals or the people? Do not be tempted by the serpent to put it up again. Oh dragon, protector of my worldly goods and peacemaker, why do you stand above Aphrodite? She found her origin in heaven, was born from the sea and the earth received her with all the pomp and glory, which can give the spring .... who is going to teach us what life is?