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Biography of Sonja ter Heijden

Sonja ter Heijden, female, Cancer and self-taught, was born July 21th 1958 at Delft. A more beautiful city she could not have wished herself.
As the oldest child, she has three sisters and a brother, she spent most of her youth in the district Voorhof of Delft. Mother took care of the children and father provided the income. A traditional loving upbringing where she could enjoy her love for all kinds of plants and animals and could be creative.
Sonja at work
Sonja at work
Sonja at work (2)
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At primary and secondary school (MAVO) she received high marks for drawing but did not imagine that she could do something with it. After having worked as an administrative assistant a few years she got one daughter and three sons, she called "her greatest happiness". She took care for her children for years, who gave her the love and strength to live a cheerful life.

Time passed and she wondered if this was what the maximum she could get out of life. Being a mother is a beautiful but tough job, but what happens when also the youngest is grown-up.
Sonja's father once gave her 100 guilders to spend on herself and not, as usual, to buy something for the kids. Meanwhile the Euro era had come and in a brochure she read an offer about canvases and paints.

A plan came up in her mind, would she be able to paint? What could she achieve with it? So she went to a reputable shop in the city of Delft to buy her first painting stuff. In order to create something beautiful one needs quality materials. She began to paint large flowers and simple still lifes using acrylic paint and linen canvases. However she could not succeed to get the right dramatic sense; the acrylic paint was wasted on her.
After one year she bought oil paints and sable brushes. Her starting point was to be very good in creating exceptional paintings. Her motivation to make beautiful paintings had to prove to herself that she exists.
A rebirth took place before her eyes and the most beautiful paintings are yet to be painted.

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